Sports & Health

Did I Take My Meds?

An app to manage and track medication doses

Easy Noise

A simple Android app to play white noise.

Corona Contact Tracing Germany

Trace Corona in Germany


Control your breathing during meditation.

Smart EggTimer

With Smart EggTimer you can cook eggs perfectly.

Daily Dozen

Keep track of the foods that Dr Greger recommends in his book How Not to Die


A Simple, Offline Recipe Manager

Nextcloud Cookbook

Nextcloud Cookbook Mobile Client written in Flutter

Contact Diary

Keep track of the people you have recently been with


Free calorie counter and weight tracker


Open-source weight and body metrics tracker, with support for Bluetooth scales


Calculate heart rate from camera image


Plees Tracker is a simple sleep tracker for your Android phone.

Grocy: Self-hosted Groceries Management

ERP beyond your fridge, now on your phone – An awesome companion app for Grocy


Track your sport activities using GPS

Workout Time!

An app for managing and performing timed workouts

Scanner for CoronaCheck

Safely open your doors


Get access with a certificate


A free and open source step counting app.


A sport tracker that completely respects your privacy.

Noice: Ad-free indefinite background noise

Relax, improve focus, and boost productivity with minimal background noise.

Just Another Workout Timer

A simple timer for your workouts, built with Flutter!

Nextcloud Cookbook

View the recipes from your Nextcloud Cookbook


Open-Source fitness tracker for Android.

oRing - Reminder

Oring-Reminder is a thermal contraception manager

Meditation Assistant

Feature packed meditation session timer and recorder


Quickly check EU Digital COVID certificates with the app.


Prove your vaccination, recovery, or negative test result.

Fast N Fitness

Track fitness workouts


France's official COVID-19 contact tracing app