Phone & SMS


A privacy centric matrix client


Block unknown callers

Jitsi Meet

Instant video conferences efficiently adapting to your scale

Privacy Cell

Verify that a phone is using the most secure cell protocols.

Baby Phone

A pretend phone app for little people who want to practice talking to others.

Call Counter

Control of the Plan of outgoing calls and sent sms


Chat with your friends with FluffyChat.

Element - Secure Messenger

Group messenger - encrypted messaging, group chat and video calls


SIP softphone


Secure messenger for Matrix with a traditional instant messaging experience


VoIP User Agent app for Android based on baresip SIP library


Secure and distributed communication platform

Raise To Answer

Simply hold your phone to your ear to answer an incoming call


VoIP User Agent app for Android based on baresip SIP library

Emerald Dialer

Make calls, view call log


SIP (VOIP) phone

Simple Contacts Pro

A premium app for contact management with no ads, supports groups and favorites

SMS Import / Export

Imports and exports SMS messages from and to JSON files.


simple fix for during call proximity sensor issues


Hide contacts away from apps stealing your contacts information

Yet Another Call Blocker

Block unwanted calls effortlessly


The Foehnix weather widget aims at helping pilots with weather conditions


Locate your smartphone via SMS when it gets lost

SMS to URL Forwarder

simple incoming SMS to URL forwarder

Streak Alarm for Snapchat (Streak Reminder)

Snapchat Streaks Reminder

SMS Forward

SMS Forward is a simple app that allows you to redirect SMS.

Watomatic - Auto Reply For WhatsApp

Auto reply bot for WhatsApp and FB Messenger so you can break away from it

DualSim Reminder

Tools for dual SIM devices from Samsung

Schlikk Calls

Change volume on call so that you don't miss them


Block unwanted calls